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    TopLux Hair Fibers 28gr-Black


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    The 28 gram TopLux hair fibers are a high quality product. It offers an effective solution to cover thinning and bald areas of hair. Carefully developed using advanced technology, these fibers offer an instant natural look. They increase hair density and improve self-esteem. The 28 gram TopLux keratin fibers can help you achieve a flawless look.


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    Toplux Hair Fibers - Registered product

    Instant and natural coverage for black hair :

    The 28 gram TopLux keratin fibers second generation have been specially designed to adapt perfectly to the hair. Offering instant coverage of thinning areas. With their deep black color , the fibers blend naturally with your existing hair . They create the illusion of denser, fuller hair. It doesn't matter if you have small areas of thinning or a more evident loss, TopLux hair fibers offer you a natural and lasting result.

    The characteristics of the 28 gram TopLux fibers :

    TopLux hair fibers 28 grams boast several characteristics that make them a great option for those who want optimal coverage for black hair. These features include:

    1. Premium quality: TopLux fibers are made with high quality materials that guarantee an impeccable result. They are light, soft to the touch and do not irritate the scalp. 100% natural cotton and natural mineral dyes, without chemical or synthetic additives.
    2. Resistance to water, perspiration and wind: TopLux fibers are resistant to water and humidity, perspiration and wind. Ensure long-lasting coverage even in adverse weather conditions or during physical activity,
    3. Ease of application: TopLux fibers are simple to apply. Just shake the container lightly and gently spray the fibers on the desired areas. Using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, you can distribute the fibers evenly for a natural look.

    How to use TopLux keratin fibers correctly:

    To get the best results with the 28 gram TopLux fibers, follow these simple steps:

    Make sure your hair is clean and dry before applying.

    Shake the container of TopLux fibers to separate them.

    Gently spray the fibers on thinning areas, creating an even layer.

    Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to distribute the fibers and blend them into your existing hair.

    Style your hair into your preferred style using a comb or your hands.

    For added durability, you can apply a light setting spray.

    The advantages of TopLux fibers for black hair :

    TopLux fibers offer many benefits for those with black hair who want an instant fix for thinning areas. Some of the key benefits include:

    Natural look: Thanks to their deep black color and ability to blend naturally with existing hair, TopLux fibers offer a completely natural look.

    Increased Confidence : Covering your thinning areas with TopLux fibers can boost your self - confidence , allowing you to face the world with greater confidence .

    Ease of use: TopLux fibers are extremely easy to apply and take a few minutes to achieve amazing results.

    Durability : TopLux fibers offer a long - lasting coverage that stands up to adverse weather conditions and physical activity .

    The 28 gram TopLux fibers are the ideal solution for anyone looking for instant and natural coverage for thinning black hair. Their premium quality, resistance to water, sweat and wind, and ease of application make them a top-notch option. To achieve a denser and more confident look, experience the magic of TopLux fibers. Discover an effective way to transform your look.

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